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November 2015 - Open Government

How can Open Government be better government?

How can Open Government be better government?

Policy Ignite partnered with the Open Government Secretariat (OGS) at the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) to identify opportunities for applying Open Government principles to improve federal policies, programs and services.
Open Government is a global movement with implications across government policy and public administration around the world. In Canada, the goals of Open Government include:
• Fueling innovation: enabling new policies or services and improving quality of services in the private or public sector.
• Improving transparency and accountability: enhancing citizen knowledge on governance or consumer empowerment.
• Enhancing efficiency: reducing the cost of existing government and private services.
• Enhancing engagement: increasing trust in government or the private sector through greater participation and collaboration.



Erin Gee, CRA


How to Build a Hybrid Innovation Lab : Mobilizing Talent to Solve Wicked Problems

Lauren Hunter and John Kenney, NRCan


The Open-Door Policy on Crowdfunding

Wayne Fan, DFO


Together… Making it easier… A click at a time

Roy Nader, CRA

Surrey BC

Real-time Collaborative Editing Tools to Engage Subnational Governments and Stakeholders

Dean Medeiros, DFO


Failure Reports

Dan Monafu, TBS


Playing games to choose a career: Proposal for a Government of Canada “Serious Game”

Philippe Andrecheck and David Perri, ESDC


Using Crowdsourcing Technology to Engage Canadians

Robert Parungao and Alan Neeff, TBS


Guidance Exchange

Omar Mir, Dorna Rahmanian and Jennifer Linehan, CIC


Design Thinking for Policy and Service Innovation

Laura Wesley & MaryBeth, Sage, Brian, Thomas, Rubina, Meghan, and Judy, TBS


Tiger Teams as a Means to Public Sector Innovation

Catherine Ouimet and Deepika Grover, PHAC

The Buro: Technology, Market Principles, and Human Resource Allocation within Government

Nikola Sydor-Estable, FEDDEV, Jason David McKay, SSC


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