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Policy Ignite- Call for Proposals

What does it mean to live in an Inclusive Canada? Socio-economic inclusion for the 21st Century

Deadline to submit: February 16, 2018

[Save the Date] Our inclusion edition of Policy Ignite will be March 27, 2018.

Call for Proposals:

Current political times have surfaced the question: what does inclusion mean? Internationally, Canada often gets referred to as a country with a model of inclusion that works. If this is the case, what are enabling factors and barriers to inclusion in the socio-economic sphere? What are the best ideas from policy and practice to help define and promote inclusivity in government, civil society, academia and the private sector?

In Canada, we are expanding conversations around inclusion to deal with new dimensions. What is working to ensure nobody gets left behind? What are innovative areas of policy-making that we could pursue to ensure that everyone who lives in Canada benefits from inclusive, equitable opportunities? Is there such thing as a perfect model or level of inclusion?

We invite you to join us in Policy Ignite and pitch your ideas. Let’s start an inclusive conversation!

Guiding Questions:

  • What do we mean by the term inclusivity? Is inclusivity always feasible/desirable, and how can it be considered in balance with other important policy considerations?
  • What is inclusive policy? How can we deliver it? How do we know a policy or program is inclusive?
  • Should there be inclusivity-based analysis? How many tools do we need to ensure inclusivity
  • How do we move beyond the rhetoric of inclusion to implementation and learning?
  • Who is not accounted for in our consultations, our policies, and our programming? What isn’t working?
  • How do we better make everyone present and accounted for in our policy making and programming?

Presentations can propose an entirely new idea, or they can feature existing projects that demonstrate the emerging culture of openness and inclusivity in government and other sectors. Presentations can address any area of public policy, operations or service delivery, but they should answer at least one of the following evaluation criteria:

1. How does your idea benefit the Canadian government, civil society, private sector or general public?

2. How can your idea for inclusive policymaking be scaled and implemented across government or sector of choice?

3. How can/does your project practically accomplish its objectives? Is this a new idea? Are you trying it out in a new space? Are you sharing findings from something that worked?

4. What existing or new public policy commitments to inclusivity does, or could, your idea build on?

Interested presenters should submit a proposal of no more than 300 words (in your official language of choice) that clearly answers at least one of the questions above. In fairness to proposals within the word limit, content beyond 300 words will not be reviewed.

Send your proposal to by 11:59pm Eastern-time on February 16, 2018.

In keeping with the tag line “enlighten us, but make it quick!", the Ignite presentation format

consists of 20 PowerPoint slides set to auto-advance every 15 seconds. That means each

presentation lasts exactly 5 minutes. Examples of Ignite talks can be found at the Policy Seed

Bank (internal to GC) and at the Ignite Show.

Policy Ignite is a grassroots event organized by federal public servants to showcase bright ideas

in public policy development and implementation. For more information, visit our presence on

GCpedia (internal to GC) or on Facebook.

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